Last Hurrah?

For those who could care less about pictures of my kid, this post is for you. You will find zero pictures of Ray, and little mention of him in this post. They seem to be few and far between these days, despite my proclamation when he was born that this would not devolve into a baby blog, so enjoy the pretty pictures.

I have had the day to myself since Chieko and the boy went off to visit a friend in the neighboring prefecture this morning, and are having such a jolly time that they’ve yet to return. How did I maximize this Casey-time? I started out with a visit to the chiropractor, followed by a trip to the gym, then lunch and coffee with a friend, which led to me hitting every convenience store between there and here buying up bottles of water, since I’m starting to get slightly antsy at the fact that that nuclear plant is still not under wraps and in fact is now oozing nasty shit into the ocean, after which I came home and strummed the guitar for a bit before jumping back into the car and racing down to the beach to try and capture the very photogenic sky and ocean in digital. I’m pretty sure that sentence grammatically AOK despite its length. I’ve since cooked up some dinner and am now settling down to a bottle of wine and this blog, kotatsu draped firmly over myself.

It would seem counter-intuitive to say that winter is clinging by the skin of its teeth as there are snowflakes falling periodically, but I swear (or at least hope) that we are not long for spring. I’m pretty sure (or at least hoping) that this is winter’s last blast.

When I took off for the beach the sun was high above the storm front that appeared to be swiftly shimmying up the coast, and I thought I might get to see a pretty good sunset. That was not to be, not even close, but the lighting and the clouds and the ocean were looking pretty sweet regardless.

I usually take a road that runs atop the levee next to the Tedori River. It offers a little-trafficked, stoplight/stop sign free path directly to the sea. The scenery is much nicer than the normal roads as well, flanked on one side by the river and on the other by rice paddies, with a nice panorama of Hakusan and its surrounds.


I was surprised by the color of the ocean today, figuring it would be much darker considering the low clouds and lack of sun.




It wasn’t long before the front came rushing in; I guess it wasn’t going up the coastline so much as riding up onto it. I headed back towards our house, snapping some pics of the mountains in between snowflakes.


Not too much else happening here. We still need to unpack, and though I arrived back in Japan intent on making an emergency/earthquake supply kit one of my first priorities, I have been lulled back to complacency by how normal things are here. Hopefully I/we can accomplish those two things by the end of the weekend.

Otherwise, starting to turn my brain back (slightly) towards the idea of working, as we are heading back to reality on the 1st. I’m still not sure what day that is, but I know it’s soon!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Time to focus on the wine.


3 thoughts on “Last Hurrah?

  1. Beautiful pictures. Your day sounds like a sweet way to extend the mellowness of the vacation. Winter seems either to be holding on tight or spring is just being a woos in not kicking it out. I agree with you that its time to move on to warmer weather.

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