Afternoon Bike Ride

I spent the better part of the day at a friend’s making a new batch of beer (see Bill’s blog at the bottom of the page if you’re into that sort of thing). It was another beautiful day, so when I got home around 3 I wanted to get out and do something to atone for the several brews I had put back during the brewing process. Running seemed like too much of an effort, so the logical choice was to go for a bike ride.

I had in mind a road on the other side of the river that is closed to traffic but you could theoretically walk or cycle along it if you had the mind to. I didn’t make it too far up that road before hitting a stretch that was still covered and snow and other winter debris, so I turned around. I will head back in a few weeks.

My second choice was this road that winds up into the woods and I’m assuming into the mountains, but I didn’t get that far today.


Japan, was I’ve mentioned before, is full of roads like this that seem to have no tangible purpose aside from providing jobs to the people who construct them. Man-made roads running through man-made forests. I’m not complaining though since I’ve head many fun times exploring them.

I was pressed for time today so I didn’t venture too far into the forest. That, and I’m scared of encountering a drowsy, starving bear this time of year. Japanese bears are relatively small and I haven’t heard of one actually killing a person, but they can no doubt lay a good mauling on you and I don’t need that. So I hope to explore this road further at some point with else along with me.

Here are some pics of the forest; the sun setting through the trees was really nice, nicer than these pictures.






Today was Ray’s first day at his new daycare, the one they just finished building at our school. It’s a very nice facility, and as I mentioned there is only one other kid there. 2:1 teacher/student ration is pretty great, but I wish there were a few more kids for Ray (and the other dude) to socialize with. Hopefully with time more kids will come. He only went for two hours, and was a mess pretty much the entire time. Not very surprising, and I hate to leave him in such a hysterical state, but he’ll get used to it soon enough (I hope).

Chieko’s parents came to visit yesterday. Her father drove back to Niigata today, and her mom is staying another day or so. They are not here to see us, obviously.

I think that’s about it from here. I have to start going to bed at a reasonable hour to get back on schedule for work, which starts Friday (I finally figured out when April 1 is!). So, good night.


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