Wicked Normal Post




I haven’t posted any pictures of Ray recently, so hopefully this satisfies those of you who come here solely to see his cute mug.

We started classes yesterday, and so far so good. I love teaching freshmen because they are always really motivated, polite, do what is asked of them (i.e., try speaking English in English class), and are   just all around pleasant. After the group of students I had last semester, this new batch is energizing. They remind me why I love teaching.

I mentioned earlier that two of the four teachers that were schedule to start this semester decided not to come to Japan, so all of our schedules are uncomfortably busy. I find solace in the fact that I only have to do this for four months before I get another long, paid vacation (another reason I love teaching).

With an eye towards future employment, I’m doing some things that I can hopefully turn into presentations/papers. If I want to get another good job teaching (which I’m not sure completely sure I do) I need to bolster my resume a lot. One of the things I am trying out for the first time is having students write blogs. I have no idea how it’s going to go, but so far it’s been pretty catastrophic! I have 220 students as well, and I’m still not sure how I’m going to evaluate their work. I should have plenty of data to talk about, at least.

Ray has completely adjusted to the new daycare, and it seems to be working out despite the lack of other children. No more crying in the morning, and he’s always fired up and happy when we pick him up. We also talked to the secretary in our office, whose son goes to Ray’s old daycare, and she said half the students are out with the flu right now. So in that regard I am glad we changed places; dealing the beginning of the semester and an flu-riddled Ray would have been a nightmare.

When we arrived home this evening one of our neighbors came over and offered me use of an old rice paddy for gardening. Unused rice paddies are often used for gardens here, and I guess they have a patch that is no being used. I jumped at the chance since due to the new house that was built behind ours, my garden now gets very little sunlight. I don’t know how big of a plot I can expect, and I will certainly feel pressure from the other gardeners there to good job. They are all old and spend all day hunched over doing garden stuff, so I’m at a natural disadvantage. He’s introducing me to the proprietor of the land tomorrow morning, and I’m looking forward seeing what kind of space I will have. You can expect a blog post detailing that, I’m sure.

I think that’s about all that’s going on here. At any rate, my eyes are slowly closing as I write this, so it’s off to bed for me. Hopefully the Red Sox can actually win a game this weekend, eh??? Good night.


6 thoughts on “Wicked Normal Post

  1. It wasn’t clear from the post. Are you planning to make rice or something else? If rice make sure the unused field holds water. (or do the no water method) We are worried about our fields because the earthquake may have damaged the rice fields, requiring intensive work to fix it, well beyond my ability, and with so many fields possibly damaged, I think we would be last on the list. Luckily we have momi from last year. 🙂

    I have been thinking about starting to teach english around here, but I have no qualifications (other than being a native speaker) Do you have some kind of certification? Just curious.

  2. hi kevin, i’m just going to have a veggie garden…they have the plot divided up among a few different people and there’s some unused space…i’m assuming it’s an old paddy just based on the size and shape but i could be wrong…we won’t be flooding it, regardless…about teaching, i have a masters degree in teaching english as a second language

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