Just some pictures of Ray from today. If you are tired of pictures of Ray, I really wish I had something more interesting for you, but you may want to continue on to the next blog.

We hung the fish up again this afternoon. We don’t leave them out all the time because they were expensive and would get trashed if they were out 24 hours a day. When I originally put them up I adhered to the direction and left about a foot between each fish. This was too close though, and they get tangled up and didn’t look all that nice. I doubled the gap between fish and am much happier now.


We played in the garden for a bit, where Ray tried to eat these pretty purple flowers.




And that was about the highlight of the weekend. It rained all day yesterday, and I spent the first half of today having heart palpitations while watching the Bruins’ double-overtime win. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why I’m suffering some heartburn tonight.

Four day week on tap and then Golden Week commences. A week off of work is always good. Happy Easter if you’re into that sort of thing. Good night.


7 thoughts on “Snoozer

  1. Yep that was a crazy game! I fell asleep and missed most of the 3rd period, I woke up just in time to see them win. Like you said if people don’t like all the pics of Ray they don’t need to look, just move on! Happy Easter to you guys.

    1. thanks adam, yeah i thought they were going to lose it in the 2nd OT but thankfully i was wrong…game six should be good

  2. How could there be anything more interesting than that adorable boy? Somehow he transitioned from being a baby, OMG, he’s growing up so fast! Lucky, lucky family. xo

    1. they seem to be working on my end, and my mom stole a bunch of them and stuck them on facebook, so she could see them too…perhaps the internet is being funky on your end…

      1. yeah, weird. I can see it fine on my phone and I saw them fine when you first posted it. I can see all the other pictures on other posts fine. Wonder what the deal is. Oh well, as long as it’s only me, that’s good to know.

      2. Oh and works fine in my firefox browser. Must just be a chrome thing. But what’s also weird is I tried clicking the link and all of the pictures in your Flickr that are in the post I also can’t see (from Chrome) but there’s another one from the same set that I can see. What a weird, weird bug.

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