Ray On the Farm

We got back from Chieko’s parent’s today. We have one more day off during this Golden Week holiday, and it hasn’t felt like much of a holiday so far with all the running around I’ve been doing.

We drove to Niigata on Saturday, I was up early on Sunday and on a bullet train to Tokyo to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I arrived around 10, promptly checked in to a two hour all you can eat Brazilian meat feast, followed by several hours of drinking at various Tokyo bars, followed dinner at a Mexican restaurant, followed by sushi and drinking until 4 in the morning at a friend’s parent’s house. After a few hours of sleep we went to get gigantic burgers (and beer, naturally), then I was back to the farm in Niigata. The next day, yesterday, was planting watermelons for a few hours, then a feast of pizza and beer at the local brewery. Woke up early today for the drive home, which was frustrating, then to the gym to repent for some of the previous few day’s debauchery, and on to the home center to buy all the vegetables I am hopefully going plant at the crack of dawn tomorrow. So, it’s been hectic. Good, but hectic.

Here are a bunch of pictures of Ray, mostly enjoying himself.



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