The Old Place

Chieko’s parent’s built their current home 15 or 20 years ago, but the old abode is still standing about a 10 minute’s walk away. Tucked up off the main road and surrounded by old koi ponds and gardens, the old place is used to store farming equipment these days (hence the big white doors).

I love this old place, and my head spins with ideas of becoming a farmer and revamping it back into a livable property. The grounds are awesome, full of canals and stone walls snaking between the 2 or 3 fish ponds. Realistically it would be better to knock it down and build a modern home, but what fun is that?

The inside is a complete disaster, but cool nonetheless. There are dead bugs everywhere and everything that can peel is doing so, but there are a lot salvageable doors, wood, and other elements that could be incorporated into a modern/traditional house.


We only spent a few minutes inside as we were pressed for time, but I would love to get back in to take more pictures and further solidify my plans for when we move in ;-). The mind swirls. Time for bed — I have a garden to make in the morning. Good night.


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