On An Island


Chieko took the opportunity to wean Ray over Golden Week, and he’s having a tough time of it. It’s been more than a week since he had his last supper, so to speak, and though he isn’t trying to get at Chieko’s breasts anymore, his frustration is manifesting itself in other ways.

He wakes up a lot during the night crying, yet pushes us away when we try to comfort him. When he goes to bed he crawls around in the dark as if trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in, or perhaps he’s rooting around for that boob that used to lull him to sleep, sometime for upwards of half an hour. His daycare schedule has been askew because of vacation, but he’s back to crying hard every morning. And he’s more apt to fly into hysterics at small things, then just as quickly snap out of it. It must be hard for him to be experiencing this frustration; it certainly is for us. He did make it through the night last night without waking up, which was nice for all of us. Hopefully in another week or so he’ll be back to his normally happy little self.

I took this picture yesterday on our way downtown to a friend’s wedding after-party. In retrospect it seems most appropriate.


8 thoughts on “On An Island

  1. Rad picture, very nice colors. We didn’t have too much trouble with MJ when he went off the… well, juice. Luckily we’d, I mean, she’d had him down to only one or two night feedings for a few months when the plug was pulled. He was pretty upset for a couple nights but no problem after that. Hope Ray settles down soon, good luck.

    1. thanks for the compliments on the pic, i think it’s a pretty good one myself…ray was down to only having the night feedings as well too, but seems to be freaking out a bit now…guess it just takes some time…

  2. Sweet shot; colors and content. Wish you and Ray a smooth transition. Looking back on these milestones, I think it is also really tough on the parents.

    1. thanks jeff…we seem to be making some sort of progress day by day…the biggest change is that ray wakes up a lot earlier now, which will suck on the weekend!

  3. Love the picture, don’t worry, it’ll be okay. I sent Ray and Amelia off without me for a few days, so she had to go cold turkey. I think she was older than this, though. I don’t remember about Molli. I think she just kind of gave it up on her own–too busy exploring? It’s possible something else is bothering him, too. Teething? I have been known to resort to a pacifier. Of course, he may like his thumb, too.

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