He’s Doing It Wrong


Perfect weekend, but as always two days are not nearly enough, especially now that the weather is absolutely perfect. Can’t recall the last time I was in bed before 10 and up before 7 all weekend long, but that’s what happened this time around.

Finally got my garden in the ground, and am happy with the results. Now, hopefully nothing dies. I might have to add some wind-blocking apparatus, but for now I’m waiting to see how things do as is. I’m using the two beds with the black plastic, and the two rows behind them.


Very much time for bed — lots of sun today and work today, followed by drinks and not much food with the neighbors. Love my neighbors, hate their dumbass dogs. Good night!


4 thoughts on “He’s Doing It Wrong

  1. Love the garden man.

    You gotta get some hops and grain growing in there. A 40×80 foot plot can get you enough grain to brew 10-5gallon batches.

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