More of This, Please

Wednesday is usually a lighter schedule at work, and today was extra-easy since I only had one class. It also happened to be the most beautiful day we’ve had this spring. I rode my bike into work this morning, planning to leave Chieko there with the car and head out for long bike ride after I finished up.

I wanted to explore the Tedori Canyon Road, and long cycling path that runs out into the countryside and seems to peter out around Hakusan mountain. I have posted about my rides on this path before, the last time a few weeks ago. This was my third stab at it and I made it a lot further than I had before. That said, I’m getting a bit tired of it at this point. I rode for about 3 hours total, giving up about 2 hours in when the bike path proper ended and the roads started climbing more steeply than I was willing to negotiate at that point — maybe next time.

Here are some pics. There was not a cloud in the sky and the mountains are beaming green right now. I really need to pick up a polarizing filter for my lenses — not a lot of money for a huge improvement in color. Things looked much better through my sunglasses.







6 thoughts on “More of This, Please

    1. i didn’t this time, but we drove there before and saw it…i could hear it as i rode by though…your noto trip looks fun

  1. Nice pics man.

    It’s easy to forget that Japan does indeed have some beautiful nature spots…especially when all parts of all cities look the same.

    I need to take a ride out that way soon.

    1. thanks bill…i’d argue that japan has more natural beauty than city sprawl, and fortunately around here it’s pretty easy to get to

    1. thanks chris…i think i first read about polarizing filters on your blog and it has stuck with me…that and shoot with the white balance on cloudy mode the majority of the time…good tips!

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