Japanese Baseball

We don’t have a home town team in this part of Japan, but one of the nice attributes of baseball in Japan is that the pro teams go on tour from time to time and play games in relative backwater areas like ours. I drove down to Fukui, the prefecture to the south, with a couple of friends last night to see a game between the Hiroshima Carp and the Hanshin Tigers (from Osaka). The venue was Fukui Prefectural Stadium — I’m not sure if it’s a minor league park or what it’s normally used for, but it was pretty nice.



The game itself was not all that exciting, but the best part of Japanese baseball games are the fans. This game renewed my desire to attend more pro games when I have the chance. Opposing fans take turns cheering while their respective teams are batting. Each player has his own song that the crowd chants while smashing together all manner of noise-making paraphernalia, accompanied by a brass band and drummers sitting out on the lawn in the outfield cheap seats.

In the sixth inning everyone blows up balloons equipped with whistlers on the end, waits for the right time…


And lets them go.


A half inning later the Carp fans on the opposite side of the stadium did the same thing, with different colored balloons.

The Carp ended up winning 2-1, which is fine since I had no rooting interest in either of these teams. I love baseball but expend most of my energy in that regard on American ball. I don’t know much about Japanese teams or players, and don’t pay much attention to what is going on in the league here. That said, these games are fun and affordable to attend, so if you are in Japan I highly recommend lining up some tickets and catching a game.

Regarding the other happenings around here, there is nothing terribly exciting going on. It’s hot and humid an my garden is going off, which is great. We have a month of work left, and I’m hoping July flies by as fast as the other months have lately. I may be getting a little blogging momentum back here…

Good night.


Something New

Today started out early and full of rain. I had prepared myself to spend the day inside sweating out the humidity, but whatever storm system was providing periodic insane downpours of rain also brought with it a nice breeze and lower temperatures. We were scheduled to go to an open house at Ray’s daycare for a few hours this morning, but I bailed out in favor of baseball and peace and quiet. I dropped Chieko and Ray off around 8:30 and returned home to lounge around drinking coffee, eating breakfast, watching the Sox lose to the crappy Pirates, and eventually went to pick up Chieko and Ray.

Chieko was beat after the morning of daycare festivities, and when Ray was obviously tired too but kept resisting a nap I resorted to bad parenting technique Number 5 and threw him in the car for a spin down the road. We didn’t even get to the river before he was gone.


In the afternoon, miraculously, all the shitty weather disappeared and it got incredibly beautiful and summery. This kind of weather makes me wish I didn’t actually have to earn money, and could just ride around with my son on the back of my bike and take pictures all day every day. For at least a little while tonight I did just that.

The non-Ray results:






And a few with the boy, showing some skin. His new word is “nipple.”


I love this picture.


So there you go, a somewhat proper blog post. Get it while it’s hot.

This Thing Still Work?

I’ve never been a terribly prolific blogger, nor have I ever had a stretch of such lameness when it comes to posting that I can recall. All in all I’ve been spending less time in front of the computer, which is a good thing. Couple that with being insanely busy with work and life in general, all in a pretty productive and good way, and I suppose that’ll be the excuse for my recent lack of production here. Maybe I’ll change my criteria for what I deem blog-worthy and start posting more daily routine stuff. That doesn’t exactly get me fired up to sit back down in front of the computer. I do need to start taking more pictures again though, so this space might be more devoted to images than words for a little while. Or it may just continue to collect dust until I am once again inspired in some form or another. We have about a month left before vacation starts — if nothing else I’ll have more time then.

Yesterday I took Ray down to the beach. The last time we took him, at the end of last summer I guess (wow…time flies), he was none to pleased at the prospect of having anything to do with the water. This time, he cried when I eventually pulled him out. Will definitely bring a bathing suit for him next time.




The other thing inhibiting my blogging of late is that I go to bed a lot earlier than I did before, which I’m about to do in a moment. So until next time, whenever that may be, stay well…