This Thing Still Work?

I’ve never been a terribly prolific blogger, nor have I ever had a stretch of such lameness when it comes to posting that I can recall. All in all I’ve been spending less time in front of the computer, which is a good thing. Couple that with being insanely busy with work and life in general, all in a pretty productive and good way, and I suppose that’ll be the excuse for my recent lack of production here. Maybe I’ll change my criteria for what I deem blog-worthy and start posting more daily routine stuff. That doesn’t exactly get me fired up to sit back down in front of the computer. I do need to start taking more pictures again though, so this space might be more devoted to images than words for a little while. Or it may just continue to collect dust until I am once again inspired in some form or another. We have about a month left before vacation starts — if nothing else I’ll have more time then.

Yesterday I took Ray down to the beach. The last time we took him, at the end of last summer I guess (wow…time flies), he was none to pleased at the prospect of having anything to do with the water. This time, he cried when I eventually pulled him out. Will definitely bring a bathing suit for him next time.




The other thing inhibiting my blogging of late is that I go to bed a lot earlier than I did before, which I’m about to do in a moment. So until next time, whenever that may be, stay well…


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