This Place Is Alright

I had Ray for the majority of the day yesterday since Chieko had to go into the office for a few hours, and then had to go to the hospital for her toe after that. Her toe, to all of our pleasure, is not broken. In the late afternoon I hopped on my bike and headed off to ride up a mountain as far as my rations of time and energy would take me. I have no idea where I ended up, but would like to see it on a map, if only to figure out where I was going. I’d like to try to go further on this road someday.

I had ridden up a little ways before back in the spring, when there was still a lot of snow in the woods and eventually on the road as well. There are pictures on here somewhere if you care to go back and look. This time, still wary of bears, I was clanging away on my bell for a lot of the time, but eventually I got tired of listening to it and figured my breathless panting would be enough forewarn any wildlife of my presence.IMG_2594


I made it this far — still climbing.


And I was very much in the middle of nowhere, which is a lovely if not slightly unnerving place to be.


And then back down in a fraction of the time it had taken to where I had gotten. It was fun, curvy ride down.


Back through the artificial, fairytale forest which I like despite it’s unnaturalness.


And back home it was for the end of another weekend. The good news of course is that this week is a quarter in the books already. And now enough of this blogging, it’s time for a nightcap in the sunflower pleasure palace. Good night.


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