What the?

I worry sometimes about exposing Ray to technology too much, too early. Obviously, focusing his relationships on people rather than machines is paramount. On the other hand, all of these gadgets will be even more  a part of his life growing up than they are to us now, so familiarizing him with them early on could be advantageous. Like anything, it’s about balance.

Ray is already eerily proficient at firing up my iPhone and my iPad, finding what he wants and entertaining himself. Perhaps Apple products really are more intuitive. I’ve downloaded several applications that help Ray practice numbers and the alphabet, animals, and other educational/musical tasks. One of his favorites is an alphabet app that puts some letters on the screen, gives an oral prompt like ‘Touch the A.’ The number of letters gradually increases the longer the child plays, and Ray is pretty good at it. I am a fan of this software, but I was bit surprised to see this combination of letters pop up tonight:



4 thoughts on “What the?

  1. OK, this is a different look for the blog. Did you change something? Ah, the law of random ivity.

    One app that small people I know like is a memory game, called Giraffe’s Matching Zoo. I would think it would be early for him, but they are amazing.

    1. yeah i changed the template a few days ago…i think the pictures come up a little bigger on this one…thanks for the tip on the app, i will check it out!

    1. i know, i was thinking of sending the picture to the software developer…they’d probably get a kick out of it…or maybe they planned it that way 😉

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