All Done

Finally, we are on vacation…almost. The school conveniently scheduled an earthquake safety drill for tomorrow afternoon, but once that’s out of the way we’re golden.

I have a fair amount of work to attend to over the break, but will be able to do most of it from home. We’ll head to Niigata next week for a few days, and aside from that we’ll just be kicking our feet up and attending to all the things we haven’t had time to do over the last few months (cleaning!, getting Ray’s allergies tested, going to the beach, that sort of exciting stuff).

I slept in this morning (6:30 is sleeping in, sadly), and while the coffee was percolating and I was transitioning from zomby to human I noticed the sun lighting up the sunflowers, so went out to snap a few pictures. They’re all pretty much popping right now — it’s a good time to enjoy a cold beer while dodging bees and wasps who thankfully seem more occupied by the nectar and pollen than the smelly human in their midst.



So hopefully a little more frequent, and little more further-flung blogging to come over the next few weeks. Until then…


5 thoughts on “All Done

    1. we’re going to uonuma, a bit north of nagaoka…not sure how far that is from you guys…you want to meet up and introduce our adorable and talented children to each other? i’ll bring the homebrew!

      1. correction, according to my wife uonuma is actually south of nagaoka…i’d always just figured we were still going north when we pass through there!

    1. i have no sentimental attachment to them but also have always liked them…these are giant and i’ll be making them a fixture of the garden from now on

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