Interpreting Nature

Had a productive day today, the highlight of which, hands down, was finding this eggplant that totally looks like a turd. It’s already in the freezer, to be saved for eternity and broken out on special occasions.

We’re off to Niigata tomorrow so spent a good chunk of the morning cleaning. I’ll be back on Sunday with a friend for our annual man-time debauchfest, so we needed to tidy up and make the place presentable. I also got a bunch of yard work done, finally knocking down all the out-of-control grasses and weeds that continuously threaten to take over our modest yard.

I snapped more sunflower pictures because I’m a broken record recently when it comes to photography, and I now present them to you with introspective titles. Enjoy.


Get up.


1,000 yard stare


Well, those ended up kind of depressing, but I think I did some pretty good anthropomorphizing there. I hadn’t realized how emotive the sunflowers could be when I was taking these pictures. It only occurred to me after uploading and looking through them. Pretty cool.

On a lighter note, here’s Ray geeking out on some bubbles. (For the grandmothers, of course.)


Look for some Niigata-based posts over the next few days. I’m hoping to cram my bike into the car so I can do some exploring and picture taking. No more sunflowers, I promise. Goodnight.


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