I’ve been toiling away at my summer homework, trying to get it done so I can kick my feet up as summer vacation slowly winds to a close. But I need a break, and since it’s raining out I’m stuck inside, so a blog post is as good an escape as any.

I went out to my favorite yakitori joint with a friend last night for a few pops and some tasty food. Chieko and I used to go here before the days of Ray and when we lived within walking distance of it. Now, we don’t get there as much. It was early and not crowded, and thankfully not as smokey and loud as it gets later on in the evening when usually fills up with college students and other locals.


I took the train home only to find the local station inundated with little frogs. They were all over the windows and walls of the small station building, no doubt feasting on the mosquitos and other insects that had flocked to the lights. This frog is actually between to panes of window glass, to the likely relief of the small bug walking by on the sill.



And finally, Ray, dreaming about Elvis?


We did a bunch of car shopping over the weekend and have found a car that we like. Now we just need to make sure we really want to take the plunge into new car ownership, and then try haggling the price down substantially. We are looking at a Toyota, and were told that there is a three month backlog because many of the companies that supply parts to Toyota were located in the Tohoku region and were damaged by the earthquake/tsunami in March. We dragged the boy around with us the whole time, which was trying at times. One great feature of car dealerships here is that they all have play areas for kids in the showroom. Unfortunately, Ray kept wanting to run out the front doors while we were sitting with the salesman, so we ended up having to devote half of our attention to Ray and half  to the dude talking about cars. We’ll probably make a move next week if we decide to do anything. I’ll certainly keep you all posted!

I think that’s about it from here. Nothing exciting really. Hoping to get some bike riding/picture taking in over the weekend if the weather ever clears up. Stay tuned. Back to the (other) computer.


6 thoughts on “Distraction

  1. “before the days of Ray”

    A clear demarcation line right there 🙂

    There was before Ray, and there is after Ray. That’s a parent sentence if ever I heard one. 😉

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