Tedori Canyon Road…Yet Again

Things have taken a decided turn towards fall over the last week. It is still warm during the day, but wonderfully cool at night. My garden is sputtering along and barely producing anything, while the more astute farmers have already ditched their summer crops and are preparing their plots for fall and winter planting. I’ll get there eventually.

I remember the last time I road along the Tedori Canyon road, towards the beginning of summer, the rice was just being planted. At that time I thought to myself that I would have to take another ride once the paddies filled in more and things were even greener than they were at that time. So here I am, at the beginning September, and the rice is being harvested and the paddies are rapidly returning to brown, and by the skin of my teeth I was able to get out and take some pictures.

I went for a 3 hour ride this afternoon and took a bunch of pictures, but most of them are mediocre. Part of that is because I’ve trod this path a few times now and have exhausted most of the easy shots.


Which is part of the reason why, as I was riding along into a stiff headwind, when I saw a roofline on top of a smallish mountain off to my right, I took a u-turn and found the road that led up to it. The other factor in the choice was that I imagined there were some great views over the valley I was in from the top of wherever that road went. I had to dismount about 3/4 of the way up because my lungs were very realistically about to explode, but the view from the top was not disappointing.

We live about 45 minutes bike ride to the left, and the bike path continues on to the right for another hour and a half or so if you are riding at a good clip.



I had no intentions of riding the trail to its terminus today. The wind was pissing me off and there isn’t really anything at the end of the trail unless you are willing to substantially lengthen your bike ride, which on this day I wasn’t.

My destination therefore became the Tedori Canyon, the namesake of this bike path. I have driven/ridden along and past this canyon countless times, but I have never actually been to the bottom of it. Aside from the mountains, the canyon is the standout geological feature of this area, and I suppose because it’s nothing compared to the Grand Canyon (which I have seen up close) I haven’t felt much desire to seek out this comparatively tiny canyon.

That said, the only access point to the canyon that I know of (though I’m sure there are many) was about as far away as I was aiming to ride today, so it became a natural destination. Many of the bridges in the area pass over the canyon and offer tantalizing glimpses of the milky blue-green water that runs through it, but the place I ended up was not that great. There was a biggish waterfall, which has a name that escapes me.


I feel much the same way about waterfalls as I do about temples and shrines — they’re pretty but they don’t really get my juices flowing. I’d rather go this way:


And I did, as far as I could before there were no longer any banks to walk along or stones to hop across, only swiftly moving water. So back it was toward home for me. I had anticipated having a nice tail-wind on my ride home, since I’d been fighting the wind my entire ride thus far. But naturally it had turned around and was blowing just as hard in the other direction. Thus I arrived at our house with my contacts vacuum-sealed to my eyeballs.


All in all a great ride a great day.

Nothing else happening here…that I’m willing to talk about at least 😉


8 thoughts on “Tedori Canyon Road…Yet Again

  1. I dig it. Keep up the adventuring! I’ve been really getting into biking here in Austin TX. I love it. It gives you such an opportunity to see many areas around where you live and get some of that pent up office-induced stress off your chest. At least that’s the way it works for me. Keep the photos coming. We hope to come back to Japan sometime in the near future for some more adventuring.

    1. thanks for the comment isaac, nice to hear from you…i agree, biking is a great way for me to get out and explore…it’s a nice medium between driving and walking…let me know if you are planning a trip back, it would be nice to meet in person…

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