Tripodless Night Photography

It’s bound to end up shoddy, and for the most part it did, technically speaking. But whether or not I’m justifying my own artistic efforts here or actually being objective, I think there’s something cool about these pictures. Everything is blury except for the stars in most of these pictures; how I achieved that I’m not sure.

As the title suggests, I was working sans tripod. I bought a ¥1500 tripod a few years ago and now I know why it was that cheap. It might be time to invest in something a bit more sturdy. In the absence of proper equipment I resulted to my surroundings, propping my camera up on a cushion of rice straw gathered from the freshly-shorn paddies in which I was taking pictures.

I keep having a problem with shooting at night, in that my camera won’t focus on any other mode than AI servo, which as you can see isn’t really focusing on much at all. So I have to find a way to get it to focus on something more clearly in normal ‘one shot’ mode. Whatever, totally boring blog material there. Look at the shitty pictures! (Played around with quite a few Flickr tools, by the way.)








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