Pictures From a Drive

This morning I was watching the Red Sox, who have been thoroughly sucking recently. Once it was apparent that any further time spent on the game would be a waste, I jumped in the car to take a drive. Normally I would use my bike, but it was in the shop. The other day I decided I wanted to fit some parts from my old mountain bike onto my newer bike and made some decent progress, but in the end I had to bring to the pros to finish what I began.

I took advantage of having an engine and went somewhere that would have been much more challenging on two wheels — up and over a mountain. I rode a good ways up this mountain a couple of months ago and posted pictures about it (sorry no link, but you can find it — I haven’t been blogging that much). At the time I had to head home but was curious about where exactly this road went.

Continuing further up, there were some beautiful views of Hakusan from angles that I had never seen before.



Down through the forest, lots of sunbeams blasting through the trees. There are lots of places to explore here — hiking trails into the forest, unpaved roads leading somewhere worthy of having a sign — need to come back without a car.


And out into semi-civilization. The town here was full of really old houses and really old people. I noticed that the weeds between the rice paddies were really long; not sure if that’s the style around those parts, or if there are just not enough farmers to keep up with the task.

Bad news in my quest to eventually live somewhere far away from relentlessly barking dogs, even in this remote haven, when I stepped out of the car to take some pictures I heard a dog yelping away in the distance.

And speaking of noises that make me want to jump off something tall and land on my head, the elementary school next door is holding its sports festival this weekend, as are most elementary schools across Japan it seems. That in and of itself will be loud and annoying, but in the run-up the students have been practicing all day, every day this week. That translates to horrible J-pop blasting over the PA system while the teacher drones instruction over the music on the same PA. By now I know the whole routine and which team is likely to win. One bright spot at least, around 4 yesterday afternoon for some inexplicable reason they played We Are the Champions. I nearly shed a tear.

Speaking of which, Chieko is stranded in the bedroom with Ray, who has been wailing away pretty much since I started composing this post, so I should probably go do some time in there as well. Enjoy the weekend.


9 thoughts on “Pictures From a Drive

    1. thanks for the comment! yeah, the sox are no fun at the moment…even if they back into the playoffs i can’t see how they will get very far…fingers crossed though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. “This morning I was watching the Red Sox, who have been thoroughly sucking recently”

    The meltdown has been spectacular. I spent a good part of my youth at Fenway…glad I’m not there to see this. I was born in Needham.

    1. i know, they are playing such horrible baseball, but like driving by a car accident i can’t not watch them…i’m from the cape by the way…i listen to lots of boston sports radio (weei) and they are having fun detailing the carnage…

  2. Gorgeous view!

    Our last apartment was the only place in Japan that was free from barking dogs. It was in the centre of a small town, in the parking lot of a Saty. Not very child-friendly but quiet, if you can believe it!

    1. i think i would have to choose barking dogs over living in a parking lot, but i should probably just buy some good earplugs while i save up for that dogless mountaintop that’s waiting for me out there somewhere ๐Ÿ˜‰

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