New Wheels, Etc.

This blog has taken a back seat lately now that we’re back to work. I haven’t had time to get out and ride my bicycle up over mountains or do any other blog-worthy pursuits.

Last week, however, I was bursting with anticipation as we were set to take delivery of the Voxy that we bought last month. We ended up getting it Thursday night, and it is cool. I probably shouldn’t feel as pumped as I do about driving around a mini-van. But it’s a new car, and it is slick inside and out, so the novelty of it is pretty powerful.

I took a drive down to the beach over the weekend for some glamor shots. The front end is definitely the best angle.


Not too hot from the side, but not bad. It is a grocery-getter after all.


The beach itself was pretty impressive as well, with ominous front passing off the coast.


And sadly, that’s about all I’ve got tonight. I could talk about how well work is going, or how it’s cooling off and fall is in full effect, or the Red Sox’ abomination of a season, but none of that is particularly interesting. We’re contemplating a trip to Chieko’s parent’s this weekend, but nothing set in stone. I’m fending off a man cold, and the meds are just kicking in. Time for bed.


4 thoughts on “New Wheels, Etc.

  1. Oh man…the new car smell!! Love it!! No food no drinks and shoes placed in a bag left on the floor mat and that baby will stay clean for a long while.

    Those are the rules for my car in Hawaii and despite being a surfer there is not a grain of sand in site 🙂


  2. yup, love the smell, but it’s fading already sadly…having the kid pretty much insures the car is going to get cluttered and eventually trashed, but i’m trying to hang on to the cleanliness for as long as possible…i probably shouldn’t bother buying anything nice until he’s through his teens…

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