The Japanese Dream?

Last spring my boss asked me if I was interested in a permanent position at my school. I certainly was, and so began the several-month process of me re-applying for a job at the school where I already work. I had to write a long essay, get my wife to translate my resume into Japanese, then cross my fingers and hope that my boss’ word was enough to sway the powers that be. Yesterday was the meeting in which people voted me up or down, and this morning I learned that I am in line to become tenured. Sweet. Exhale. Don’t have to move. Don’t have to find Β a new job. May exit the carousel that is university teaching in Japan. I feel pretty fortunate about this turn of events.

I’ve lamented the teaching situation here before. By and large, you work at a school for a few years and then have to pull up stakes and find a new gig. That was cool, even appealing, when it was just Chieko and me. Ray changed the equation. Giving him and any subsequent kids a stable childhood became paramount, and if teaching couldn’t provide that then something else would. Fortunately, we don’t have to wonder about going down that road any more.

Now it’s time to start making a reality out of all the ideas I have about the kind of life I/we want to build for ourselves and our kid(s). For the last 5 years we’ve been living in temporary mode, laying down roots but not letting them burrow too deep. Now we can really sink them in. Time to look for a house with some land, get some chickens, a big friggin garden, maybe a goat, make our own cheese, brew a bunch of beer, start saving for that 2001 BMW Z3…the sky’s the limit baby!!!!

Gonna sleep well tonight (not that I don’t every night). Look at the boy.





20 thoughts on “The Japanese Dream?

    1. thanks sheryl! you thinking of coming back? i actually got rejected the first time applied before coming to japan, and now they’ve hired me for good, so i’d say anything is possible…

  1. Ah the jealousy. But Omedetou! Sounds good mate. Both times I have been near the direct hire space I have personally dashed it on the rocks with my antics, outside of school but none the less antics. Not the way to climb the ladder.

    Good luck.

  2. Hey, Casey. Long time, no chat! Wow, so you’re finally gonna be KIT-Jin? Omedetou gozaimasu! Stability is indeed a gift in these straitened times. I can almost see you now ascending the illustrious steps of the dais on founders’ day, cabbage-size rose pinned proudly to your chest and Maruo-sensei waving from the back, accepting your certificate for 25 good years of service from the samurai hands of ga’kchou…don’t trip over your cane!

  3. in like flynn ernesto πŸ™‚ already counting down the days till i get that gold watch! heard you guys are on the move as well…let’s get some skype going soon…

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