Through the Woods

As my friends and family back home are getting an early dose of winter, fall is still in its prime here in Kanazawa. But this is the time of year when two weeks can make a big difference, so I’m trying to take full advantage of the sunny, warm days while I can. To that end, I took a bike ride with a friend yesterday for a couple of hours. Here are some pictures.









Since we know we are going to be hanging around Kanazawa for a while, we’ve started looking at houses/land. Neither of us know anything really about buying property, so it’s going to be a long process before we do anything. For starters, I can’t even get a loan without first getting permanent residency, so I need to go through that several-month process first. I’ll have lots of posts on this process as it unfolds, and I’ll no doubt be soliciting advice from anyone who has experience building or buying a house in Japan. But that’s for another night.

Happy Halloween (tomorrow)!!!


4 thoughts on “Through the Woods

  1. Man I love this season!!!

    My Eagles beat the crap outta the Cowboys definitely makes everything seem kinda wonderful…till next Sunday 🙂

    Nice pics!!

  2. i saw the eagles/cowboys score, totally one-sided…pats looked horrible, naturally boston sports radio is losing its mind…

    1. i’m not sure if it makes a difference…everything i’ve read (which isn’t much, actually) says it takes a few months…not sure if being married to a japanese person greases the skids much or not, but i hope you’re onto something!

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