Ray At 2

Ray turned two today. That was fast.


The tone of his first birthday was more like “Hey, we didn’t kill him for a whole year!” His second birthday, for me at least, is more of a reminder of how fast time goes by. And, of course, “Hey, we still haven’t killed him!” Perhaps we’re doing OK at this parenting business (knock on wood). There are more pictures on Flickr if you need more Ray.

I’m heading to Tokyo for the day tomorrow to attend a teaching conference. I’m flying out in the morning and flying back in the evening, so it will be a busy day. Other noteworthy events in my life include the fact that I haven’t had any booze for two weeks, which is quite an achievement for me. I’ve also been eating like a bird and working out like a maniac, and slowly but surely the extra kilos and flab are starting to disappear. Another couple of kilos and I’ll be falling off the wagon.

Could have sworn I had something else to talk about, but my brain is shutting down and if I did actually have something in mind, it’s long gone. I best hit the sack anyway — early start tomorrow. I’m dragging my camera along in hopes of getting some pictures, but I tend to suck at urban photography. I need sunbeams and mountains and water. But we’ll see how it goes…

Happy birthday to my boy. Good night.



8 thoughts on “Ray At 2

  1. Hey, I’m sure glad he made it to two!!! Happy happy birthday to the little man!! Hope you are all doing well and your lovely wife is feeling well with boy #2!! Much love, Beth =0)

  2. Congratulations! If you need me to sing to him, sign on to Skype! I can’t believe it’s been two years already! But then, a lot has happened in those two years. Looking forward to your (bad) pictures of Tokyo.

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