Not Feeling It

Nobody is.IMG_3481

Life has gotten in the way of this blog that is ostensibly about my life, at least the interesting parts with pretty pictures. Unfortunately there has been little of interest and virtually no pictures, pretty or otherwise, in the past few weeks. Couple that with the sick boy above, who spent the latter part of the week fighting 104 degree temps and worrying his parents, and you see how I am grateful to be sitting here in the kotatsu nursing a bottle of wine with a normal-temperatured kid sleeping in the next room.

Sick kids suck. From the perspective of a parent (weird that I can speak with that kind of authority), sick kids get you on two levels. First is that you are worried about them and want them to get better, and of course hate seeing them in a compromised, uncomfortable state. The second way is that they completely screw up the schedule, at least in our family where Chieko and I both work. Uneasy sleep is complicated by figuring out the morning logistics of whether or not to cancel classes, and if not, what time we need to leave to get the boy to sick-kid daycare, and on and on. But you get through it, and like all things in life in retrospect it’s not as bad as it seems at the time. I’m enjoying the retrospect here in this kotatsu, with this glass of wine.

And this time next week I will  be high above the Pacific Ocean, or perhaps making landfall above Alaska, flying home for my first Christmas in America since I moved to Japan nearly 8 years ago.  A quick trip, sans wife and son and unborn son. But there are a long 7 days between then and now, and I’m only processing things 24 hours at a time right now. And that means all I can see ahead of me is another glass of wine (or two), a good night sleep, a Bruins game in the morning, an trip to the gym, and then things start getting foggy.

Hoping to get my blogging mojo back over the winter break, so until then…happy holidays!


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