I’ve probably sung this tune before, but one of the reasons I like living in this part of Japan is that we are surrounded by both mountains and ocean. I have always enjoyed the mountains, but I grew up on the water and would choose it hands-down if I had to  choose. We got our first snow at the end of the week but the mountains have been snowcapped for a little while now, precluding any more bicycle rides or drives up the winding mountain roads until spring. As such, I pointed the car towards the beach when I got the urge to take some pictures this afternoon.

There was a pretty good swell and all kinds of dramatic winter light. The ocean here is much more photogenic in the winter than in the summer.







I’m ashamed to say that having come this far in life, earning a degree in literature along the way, I had until very recently (like last week) never read anything by Ernest Hemingway. How did that happen? But I’m ploughing my way through A Moveable Feast, and it’s time to spend some time doing that now before I call it a day. Good night.


12 thoughts on “Beach

  1. Yes, I love the ocean photos. I have tried to imagine for years where I could leave near the mountains and the ocean. Maine? Seattle is pretty awesome. Or northern California. I don’t think I read the Moveable Feast, but i liked the Hemingway I did read.

    1. you might like a moveable feast, it chronicles his life in paris as a young man…i’m not sure where you can get mountains and coast in the continental US, but hawaii and alaska seem to have it in abundance…

  2. unfortunately there’s already a bunch of crap washing ashore but i managed to keep it out of the pics…always depressing/maddening to see that junk though…happy holidays!

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