Good Morning

After my 4 a.m. posting this morning I never did fall asleep again. I climbed back in bed, but before I could slip back below consciousness Chieko and Ray called me on Skype. Around 7:30 I jumped in the car and drove 5 minutes to Sandy Neck, the nearest beach. This is a beautiful barrier beach, with Cape Cod Bay to the north and the Great Salt Marsh on its backside. In between are towering dunes with ample hiking trails  connecting the two sides. It was chilly but with a hat and gloves I was comfortable.

Cars are allowed on a portion of Sandy Neck, and owners of the few cottages among the dunes are permitted to drive along the trails, but there is nobody around this time of year.


I don’t recall seeing frost on sand before but it was one of the first things that caught my eye this morning.



Sandy Neck is about seven miles long, so the dunes roll on for quite a distance. This is all protected, the beach grasses and other plants and animals that live in the dunes, and in theory you aren’t supposed to leave the marked trails. Most people are respectful but you can always see footprints leading off the trail. Who wouldn’t want to venture in a little deeper, though?



It only takes about 20 minutes to walk from the backside of the beach to the ocean.




The water was as glassy as I’ve ever seen it.


Meanwhile, halfway across the world…



4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Great shots. The beach in the winter can be magical and tough to capture with the camera. Looks like the snow you might have expected to find here is home. Have a great vacation!

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