This Is Good

Cape Cod has a lot of wonderful hidden gems, but if you ever come here with tight schedule do yourself a favor and head straight for the National Seashore. Miles upon miles of this…






Puts the garbage-strewn beaches of Japan to shame, if I may boast. This is Lacounts Beach, but the whole outer Cape is one continuous beach with various names along the way. You can bring your dog and make a fire and do whatever else makes you happy.

Tomorrow is my last day here, and with an early flight on Sunday morning I will have a subdued New Year’s Eve, bringing to a close a subdued but soul-replenishing stay here in my hometown. Chances are the next post will be from Japan, but you never know…


10 thoughts on “This Is Good

  1. Beautiful pics. My relatives used to own the property that is now Whitehorse beach. They shoulda kept it 😦

    Gorgeous…you got me all misty eyed and nostalgic 🙂

  2. Of course, the water is really cold, even in the summer–right? We went to visit beaches in Mexico and they are disgusting with litter–I really didn’t want to swim there. The more I travel abroad, the more I appreciate the USA.

    1. yes, that water is always freezing…i am always appreciative when i go home of how clean the beaches are, and even the roadsides for that matter…one weird thing about japan is that the cities/public spaces are remarkably clean (which is great), but the beaches are disgusting…at least they are cleaned in the spring and stay somewhat nice through the summer…but the winter storms bring in all the garbage…

  3. A beautiful beach looks like a nice place to be right now. Freezing outside in Oita and I imagine in Tokyo too. Howling wind and a fire that needs to get warm already. I want sunshine. Sunshine, perhaps a hammock, perhaps a pina colada 🙂

    1. yeah, it’s pretty frigid here in kanazawa as well…it’s ridiculous that when i leave my heated living room i can see my breath in the unheated parts of the house…of course, i’ll be bitching about the heat in august, so i don’t complain about the cold too much

  4. Hey, we tried to call you guys on Sunday morning your time (around 9am) and were not sure if we had the wrong number or none of you were awake to answer the phone. It would be nice to skype with you guys some time soon! 🙂

    1. sorry we missed you! i can’t remember what we were doing, but usually don’t even bother answering the house phone because usually it’s someone trying to sell us something, and i hate dealing in japanese on the phone anyway! let’s try to skype it up this weekend…we’ll be around sat. and sun. morning and are usually up early…

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