Crappy Post

I don’t have much good to discuss for this blog post; something to offend everyone, perhaps.

1. Crappy if you like my wife and me:

Chieko is on bed rest, hopefully only for a few days. This pregnancy has been more difficult than when she was pregnant with Ray. She’s had a slew of minor but uncomfortable side-effects of growing another human inside of her that she didn’t experience with Ray, and this morning there was (from what I hear) quite a bit of blood. The doctor didn’t seem overly concerned, but told her to immobilize until the blood goes away. She’s about 33 weeks pregnant, and things could be worse. So cross your fingers for us that the boy can stay inside for another month or so and Chieko can be upright in a few days.

2. Crappy if you like dogs.

I don’t like dogs, at all. I had dogs that I loved when I was growing up, but living with/near/surrounded by a series of really annoying dogs has soured me on the species. My crappy Twitter feed is about 95% devoted to me wishing harm upon my neighbors’ dogs. I can appreciate the attachment that people have for dogs, and I respect dogs as a fellow living being that probably has emotions, and I would obviously never actually harm a dog, I just don’t like them.

I took a drive down to the beach yesterday since it was a beautiful, warmish winter day. As I’ve mentioned many times before, the beaches in Japan are not clean, especially during winter when storms wash ashore vast amounts of garbage. I’ve found all manner of sex toys, produce, clothing, and fishing gear washed up on the beach. Mummified dog skeletons? I can add that to the list as well.


Even my cold, dog-hating heart found no pleasure in finding this. I imagined this poor dog terrified and drowning in the middle of the ocean, and hoped instead that it died peacefully on a boat and the fishermen gave it a burial at sea.

As a side note, I was telling my new Japanese teacher (who I generally like very much) about finding this dog, and also about how much garbage there is on the beaches around here, and she gave the stock, ‘A lot garbage washes ashore from other countries (i.e. Korea and China, Japan’s two favorite neighbors). This is such a bullshit line. You do find some foreign garbage, but 99% of it is plastic bottles and other crap with Japanese plastered all over it.

3. Crappy if you like the environment/well-built snowmen.

Continuing with Japan and it’s disgusting beaches, before I got to the dog carcass, the first thing I encountered on the beach yesterday was the most ghetto snowman I have ever seen. Not only was it dirty, but all of its appendages were made up garbage salvaged from debris field that is the winter beach. It looks like one of its horns fell off.


4. Crappy if you like adorable, genius children.

Ray drew a friggin ghost. He’s 2. He’s definitely smarter than your stupid dog.


I think that’s about all I’ve got for this evening. If you have a pregnant or not pregnant wife, a dog that isn’t decaying on a beach, a snowman with a corncob pipe and button nose, or a genius child, give them a hug and count yourself as fortunate. Night night.

B & W Bamboo

We have a lot of bamboo forests around here, and recently I’ve been hankering to trek in among the snow and take some pictures. I have a lot beautiful pictures in my mind of the bamboo and the snow, so today I set out to try creating them. I failed; I need snowshoes. Relatively speaking, we’ve had a lot of snow here. If you go down and click on Bastish’s blog you can get an idea of why I am speaking relatively. Still, there’s enough snow in those woods to prevent entering them with normal winter boots.

I ended up walking along a winding road that snakes down the back of a mountain through the bamboo. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but it was a nice walk in the falling snow and I did get some decent pictures. I’d like to find some snowshoes to borrow so I can get deeper into the woods before the snow melts. I would just buy a pair, but my purchasing power is tapped out now that I’ve cajoled Chieko into accepting my plans for setting up a home gym.





We’re on vacation now, so the living’s easy. We have no major plans to speak of; maybe a trip to visit Chieko’s parents, and some rearranging of shit around our house to prepare for the new baby. So I really have no excuses to go out and take pictures to put on this blog.

Hope all is well where ever and whoever you are. Good night.