B & W Bamboo

We have a lot of bamboo forests around here, and recently I’ve been hankering to trek in among the snow and take some pictures. I have a lot beautiful pictures in my mind of the bamboo and the snow, so today I set out to try creating them. I failed; I need snowshoes. Relatively speaking, we’ve had a lot of snow here. If you go down and click on Bastish’s blog you can get an idea of why I am speaking relatively. Still, there’s enough snow in those woods to prevent entering them with normal winter boots.

I ended up walking along a winding road that snakes down the back of a mountain through the bamboo. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but it was a nice walk in the falling snow and I did get some decent pictures. I’d like to find some snowshoes to borrow so I can get deeper into the woods before the snow melts. I would just buy a pair, but my purchasing power is tapped out now that I’ve cajoled Chieko into accepting my plans for setting up a home gym.





We’re on vacation now, so the living’s easy. We have no major plans to speak of; maybe a trip to visit Chieko’s parents, and some rearranging of shit around our house to prepare for the new baby. So I really have no excuses to go out and take pictures to put on this blog.

Hope all is well where ever and whoever you are. Good night.


9 thoughts on “B & W Bamboo

  1. Nice Casey — really cool pix!! I read a bit about making digi pics into b/w. Again – great work – likes em all! Hope you are well.

    1. thanks for the comment alexis! i took the pics in color and just changed them over in flickr, so not sure if there’s a better way to do it, but i too am pretty satisfied with the results…talk to you soon

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