Bamboo Redo

A little while ago I posted some pictures of the bamboo forest full of snow. They were nice, but they weren’t the pictures that I had hoped to take, so since then I’ve had this urge burning in the back of my mind to go back to the bamboo forest and try my luck again. There are so many good pictures just waiting to be taken in there, with the light dancing around and the crackling and popping of bamboo going off every few minutes, making me think there must be a bear or a deer or an axe murdering poking around a little deeper into the forest than I happen to be. It’s an atmospheric place that can make the hair on the back of your neck stand up pretty quickly.

Apparently there’s a pretty short window of time for me to venture into the bamboo forest. A few weeks ago the snow was too deep, and a few weeks from now the place will be tethered front to back with spider webs and giant spiders, which freak the hell out of me. So now is the time, just before spring. The snow is gone and the spiders have yet to hatch.

To get to the bamboo forest you have to walk a short distance through a traditional forest. Both the trees and the bamboo are heavily groomed, so it’s pretty easy to move around. The border between the two is stark.


And then you’re in.



Today was a beautiful day, but the bamboo really comes alive when the wind is howling. I’ll have to try and get back when the weather is less ideal. The sounds alone must be beautiful.



A lot of mythical creatures in Japanese stories exist in the forests, and for me the bamboo forest the quintesential Japanese forest, so when I’m in here I get the sense that I’m not alone and that I’m bordering on some kind of supernatural world. Perhaps reading way to much into things, but something about these forests gets me. I dig them.







Other stuff…

Chieko is now 36 weeks pregnant and not having a good time. She’s having a recurrence of morning sickness (which really should have a different name since it occurs 24 hours a day), coupled with the baby kicking the shit out of her insides on a regular basis. According to the doctor, the baby is big enough (2500 g) to be safely born, and seems to be doing everything within his power to get out of Chieko. I don’t see how he will remain inside of her until the April 10 due date, but of course I have no idea what I’m talking about.

I don’t think the reality that we are about to have a second child has set in yet, for me at least. Chieko is of course fully aware of the situation. Ray takes so much of my energy and attention that I haven’t really bothered to process the fact that our life is about to get twice as busy. Part of it is that I have the experience of raising one kid so far, so what’s one more? Part of it is also my attitude that we’ll figure it out, even if we aren’t mentally prepared for having a second kid. And part of it is that I’m enjoying this last gasp of a relatively simple life before it gets ratcheted up another notch on the scale of complications. One benefit of all these feelings is that I’m sure to be blown out of the water when I see this next little boy for the first time.

Oh, and last week I submitted my application for permanent residency. Hopefully that will be resolved soon and without incident.

Otherwise, same old same old going on here. Spring is in the air!


2 thoughts on “Bamboo Redo

  1. Somebody was telling me yesterday how the second child is easier, because you are less clueless about how to take care of babies. I am sure you will all do well. My sympathies to Chieko.

    1. it makes sense that things should be easier the second time around since we have some experience, but i’m sure there will be plenty of challenges…i’ll pass your sympathies along to chieko 😉

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