Most Predictable Blog Post of the Year

Leo is already getting short-changed in the picture department compared to when Ray was newly born and I was snapping away at every chance I got. Part of it is his own fault, since he slept for a most of his first two weeks of life and all the pictures I could have taken would have looked the same. Then I got into the habit of not taking pictures of him because I was busy attending to Ray. So tonight I busted out the white sheet and had a proper photo session with Leo to make up for lost time.

He’s growing like a weed and having a new child is bringing back all sorts of memories and emotions that I had forgotten about having when Ray was born. It’s also interesting to see how my feelings towards Ray have been slightly altered. While Leo is not getting as many pictures as Ray got when he was a newborn, Ray is suddenly not as adorable as he was before Leo was born. Complicated! Actually, Ray is still cute as hell, just not in a newborn baby adorable way.

And while I’m fully aware of how I need to enjoy Leo at this tiny stage, which lasts such a short time, I still find myself looking forward to when he is a bit older and I can see how he is different from (or the same as) Ray. Must enjoy the moment.








In other news…there is no other news. Are you crazy? I go to bed at 9:30 every night and am in the midst of leading an insanely boring and happy life. Back with more riveting blogging sometime soon (or not). Hope all is well wherever you are.



As is tradition to prepare all Japanese children for a lifetime of enjoyment soaking in onsen, infants are bathed in scolding hot water from the get-go (100 or so degrees). Leo gets his, and seems perfectly content.




Until you take him out…


Not that anyone give a crap, but classes are going well so far. I’m teaching the lowest level, but they are freshmen so they are polite and doe-eyed and at this early stage a pleasure to be around. My mom arrives tomorrow evening, as well. That’s cool!

Life = Good

There We Go

It was a long-overdue, stellar spring day today, so I decided to take Ray in on the train to visit Chieko and Leo. Chieko’s room was changed yesterday, and while her new room lacks the sofa that her previous room had, it is much brighter and better for taking pictures. All the better, since Leo was finally awake and looking around.




And then there’s this one.



Big day tomorrow as classes start up and, more importantly, Chieko and Leo come home! And if you aren’t into looking at pics of my kids it might be a good time to take a month off from reading this blog. I don’t envision being able to go wandering around any bamboo forests in the immediate future, and I’m granted a couple of weeks of fawning anyway, right?

Wake Up, Boy

I’ve been to visit Chieko and Leo a half a dozen times over the past two days, and I have barely caught a glimpse of my new son with his eyes open, let alone been able to take a picture of him in such a state.


Ray is being a champion without his mom around, though Baba has been keeping him pretty occupied. Personally, I can’t wait to have Chieko and Leo back home (damn I still want to call him Elvis!). I still haven’t spent enough time with him to feel like he’s real, to feel like he’s my son.

Anyway, all this talking is really just an excuse to post another picture of my adorable new son. So I’ll stop now. Enjoy the big full moon tonight!


Leo — 理央


Born April 4, 10:53 p.m., 3200 grams, 51 cm (sorry American relatives, you can figure out the conversions yourselves). Everyone is healthy and very happy.

Chieko started having contractions around 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon and we got to the clinic around 9 p.m.

Now of course we have to come to terms with the fact that our boy was born on 4/4, which must mean he’s doomed here in Japan where 4 is the unluckiest of numbers.

Ray met his new brother this afternoon and didn’t have a major freakout. We shall see what happens once they are cohabitating.

Naturally, I’m still sulking that I couldn’t sway my wife into agreeing to name the new boy Elvis. Despite the fact that pretty everyone we floated the idea to completely hated the name, I was really hoping Chieko would have some kind of birth-bed conversion in which she became convinced that our newborn son was destined to be Elvis. But alas, Leo it is. I’ll survive.

Everyone will be home on Monday. Happy days are here again (not that they ever really went away).