Now Or Never

I have been sitting on this post since last week, and if I don’t get it up here now it’s destined to get lost among work starting again and new babies being born. The work part started today; waiting for the new baby part to happen is consuming the rest of my mental energies these days.

But to the topic at hand. Chieko and I finally got around to taking our drive up the Noto Penninsulas last week. It was a stunning day, and the trip served as a last hurrah before baby number 2 comes along and presumably shatters any semblance of a calm and normal life that we have been able to cling to since Ray was born.

Here are a few pics.


Those aren’t clouds.



Standard Noto architecture.


The ‘rice paddy on the coast’ asthetic might be my favorite in all of Japan.


OK, gotta run! Hopefully the next post will include pictures of an adorable newborn baby. Stay well.


10 thoughts on “Now Or Never

  1. Su-weet pics! Your life is about to end ..the “I’m an individual an I have freedom to do as I please” is dead. It was beaten into a coma with the first child and will now be shot execution style by the second.

    Anyway…congrats 😉

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