Leo — 理央


Born April 4, 10:53 p.m., 3200 grams, 51 cm (sorry American relatives, you can figure out the conversions yourselves). Everyone is healthy and very happy.

Chieko started having contractions around 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon and we got to the clinic around 9 p.m.

Now of course we have to come to terms with the fact that our boy was born on 4/4, which must mean he’s doomed here in Japan where 4 is the unluckiest of numbers.

Ray met his new brother this afternoon and didn’t have a major freakout. We shall see what happens once they are cohabitating.

Naturally, I’m still sulking that I couldn’t sway my wife into agreeing to name the new boy Elvis. Despite the fact that pretty everyone we floated the idea to completely hated the name, I was really hoping Chieko would have some kind of birth-bed conversion in which she became convinced that our newborn son was destined to be Elvis. But alas, Leo it is. I’ll survive.

Everyone will be home on Monday. Happy days are here again (not that they ever really went away).


17 thoughts on “Leo — 理央

  1. Congratulations! My brother became a Dad for the first time today too. It is a great season!
    I hope you get to spend lots of time together and enjoy being a larger family.

  2. Yay!! Welcome Leo! Congratulations and many good wishes to the whole family! Your life will never be the same and I guarantee that in 20 years you are going to ask, how did they grow up so fast?

  3. Congratulations.
    Hey, Leo is a pretty nice name as well (:
    Also, being on born on 4/4 isn’t too bad (I’d definitely know) – he might be extra lucky just to spite people…

    1. thanks chris! the ripped gaijin dad persona could probably get me on tv, eh? i’ll have to think about that! i’m most fired up for the bruins starting the playoffs in the next week…playoff hockey is the shiz when it comes to sports

  4. Congratulations Casey and Chieko and Ray! April is not the cruelest month. Little Leo missed my birthday by a few hours: 4/5…and I am a very lucky person. I want to see lots of pictures of your sweet boys. Two boys are blessing.

    🙂 laura

    1. thank you laura! there are quite a few april bdays in our family…i’ll do my best to keep everyone sated with cute kid pics 😉

    1. thanks jen! nice to have a little support for elvis, too 😉 most people thought that was a horrible idea (not that it matters what they think)

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