Wake Up, Boy

I’ve been to visit Chieko and Leo a half a dozen times over the past two days, and I have barely caught a glimpse of my new son with his eyes open, let alone been able to take a picture of him in such a state.


Ray is being a champion without his mom around, though Baba has been keeping him pretty occupied. Personally, I can’t wait to have Chieko and Leo back home (damn I still want to call him Elvis!). I still haven’t spent enough time with him to feel like he’s real, to feel like he’s my son.

Anyway, all this talking is really just an excuse to post another picture of my adorable new son. So I’ll stop now. Enjoy the big full moon tonight!



7 thoughts on “Wake Up, Boy

  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Casey!! Congratulations!! What a wonderful Spring present!! Thank you for sharing Leo with us! (we can still call him Elvis for short… =0) )

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