Most Predictable Blog Post of the Year

Leo is already getting short-changed in the picture department compared to when Ray was newly born and I was snapping away at every chance I got. Part of it is his own fault, since he slept for a most of his first two weeks of life and all the pictures I could have taken would have looked the same. Then I got into the habit of not taking pictures of him because I was busy attending to Ray. So tonight I busted out the white sheet and had a proper photo session with Leo to make up for lost time.

He’s growing like a weed and having a new child is bringing back all sorts of memories and emotions that I had forgotten about having when Ray was born. It’s also interesting to see how my feelings towards Ray have been slightly altered. While Leo is not getting as many pictures as Ray got when he was a newborn, Ray is suddenly not as adorable as he was before Leo was born. Complicated! Actually, Ray is still cute as hell, just not in a newborn baby adorable way.

And while I’m fully aware of how I need to enjoy Leo at this tiny stage, which lasts such a short time, I still find myself looking forward to when he is a bit older and I can see how he is different from (or the same as) Ray. Must enjoy the moment.








In other news…there is no other news. Are you crazy? I go to bed at 9:30 every night and am in the midst of leading an insanely boring and happy life. Back with more riveting blogging sometime soon (or not). Hope all is well wherever you are.


7 thoughts on “Most Predictable Blog Post of the Year

  1. Good thing your distracted from the Red Sox spectacular implosion. Bobby V is a freakin’ moron…I wanted to believe..I knew…I ..I…..

    Nice pics! Kid looks healthy if not a bit freaked out about the world. 😉

    1. he does have that wide-eyed look a lot of the time, like he’s on some really good mushrooms or something…and yeah, i literally watched my first sox game of the year yesterday…they lost me at the end of last season and have done nothing to lure me back so far this year…it’s all about the bruins baby! got my playoff beard raging!

  2. Hey, baby pictures! I’m up for that. I just held a 3 week old baby yesterday and couldn’t believe how small she was. Then I looked at my 3 month old daughter and wondered how she got so big. I didn’t remember her being that small. But she was that small at one point.

    1. thanks for the comment! and sorry for not responding sooner…leo’s already packing on the pounds and doesn’t have that new-born lightness to him…

      1. They grow so fast, don’t they? My daughter’s over 7kg now, wearing medium sized diapers and has almost outgrown her first shoes. She’s hardly even worn them.

      2. they do…leo’s already outgrowing clothes and diaper sizes as well, but luckily we have a lot of clothes from his older brother that he can use…

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