Crazy Eyes Bean

I haven’t had time to blog recently since my parents were here and we were busy getting drunk with the neighbors most of the time. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been chronicling major life events by other means. I did manage to dust off the camera and take a bunch of pictures of Leo on his 1 month birthday (which was a week ago).

He still has that bewildered look most of time. Hopefully it’ll go away at some point.




We’ve had a lot of help from both Chieko’s parents and mine since Leo was born, but now that my folks have left we are on our own. Part of me is happy that we can resume our normal life (although the definition of that has changed substantially), but another part of me is also a bit intimidated by the prospect of having two kids now. I’m sure we’ll figure it out, though. We certainly aren’t the first people in this situation.

Don’t look for a whole of action around here over the few weeks, and what activity there is will likely be baby oriented…so if that’s not your thang, you might want to give me a few months!

Be well.


11 thoughts on “Crazy Eyes Bean

    1. thanks cindi 🙂 i’m assuming that’s you who left the first comment, too, or else another person shares your opinion…

      1. well, if you’ve only been around this crazy world for about a month, I think you’re entitled to a bit of bewilderment – maybe he’s still trying to figure out in what kind of nice place he ended up being now? (;

      2. i like your interpretation emm…we’ll go with that for the time being 😉 thanks for the comment!

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