Partial Eclipse of the Farm

We had a pretty good eclipse here on Monday. Leading up to the event I hadn’t realized that it was going to be such a big deal, but it was pretty cool. The best eclipse viewing was over in Tokyo — i.e., that where you could see the complete ring of sun behind the moon. Here in western Japan we didn’t get the total ring, but it was still very evident that there was an eclipse going on.

Photographic evidence:


The light was really cool, and I was happy to have a bit of extra time in the morning to be able to hang around outside appreciating the odd light. My neighbors had a pair of eclipse glasses as well which they let me use to take a look at the sun. Celestial events are cool.

Aside from that excitement, Ray and I took the train into town over the weekend to go eat some yakitori and swill some sake in celebration of a friend’s birthday. Ray is at the age where he is into the train, so he jumps at the opportunity to ride it (and cries when we have to get off).

We had a few moments to spare on the way home so took some pictures in the tiny little train station.




Maybe I’ll get some pictures of that other kid up here soon.

We’re going to the zoo this weekend with all the (5) kids from Ray’s daycare on Saturday. Cute kids and caged animals — recipe for fun? We’ll find out.

But right now I am about to fall down face first with exhaustion. Chieko took Ray to the grocery store and Leo is passed out. I’ll enjoy the sweet, sweet silence. Until next time…


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