Still Alive, Still Kicking

Not sure what exactly I was expecting by having two kids, but two is a whole lot different than one. I feel like all the cliche stuff that people warn about having kids, like not being able to sleep, not having any free time — all that crap is coming true now. And much like I can’t remember what I did with all my time before Ray was born, I now can’t fathom having as much free time as I had when it was just Ray.

So life as a father of two continues to be an adjustment, to say the least. I would lose my mind if we had another.



Leo is slowly but surely losing the constantly bewildrered look, getting cuter and more expressive, and most importantly not crying as much.

Ray is being a good boy for the most part, and most importantly starting to use the toilet more and more. Not that I actually change diapers, but it’s good for Chieko 🙂

So life is great, certainly interesting. Ratchet up the happiness and stressed-the-F-out-scales to 11 and that’s about where I’m at!

And aside from the day to day toiling keeping from this blog, the other factor is that our laptop is steadily on the decline. The screen only works when we HDMI pipe it through to the TV, so we need to get a wireless keyboard so I can type while sitting on my butt at the kotatsu. It’s timely since Apple has so much sexy new stuff coming out and in the end we will spring for a new one. So now I’m doing this on the iPad, surely making loads of spelling mistakes.

But dinner is ready, so off I go. Will try to post again in the future. Vague enough commitment?