The Apex of Parenting?

A blog post during the week surely means that you’re just getting more pictures of my kids, because I have no time to actually do anything interesting. But I’m patting myself on the back here for prepping this post in the company of two children. Ray was sitting on my lap watching iPad videos, Leo in his bouncy chair while I simultaneously shook a pacifying rattle with my left hand while uploaded pictures to Flickr and posted them here with my right hand. With periodic swigs from my tall-boy chuhai, I might add. Typing was out of the question though, and the shit hit the fan shortly after I got the pictures up, so we headed outside into the heat to let loose.

So here are some pictures of my adorable children. Leo is very dramatic.





Perhaps sensing the heat, Ray is keeping pace in the cute-as-hell standings. Leo’s pretty much max-cute right now though, so Ray will have to step it up.



That’s it from here. Time to bathe children and put them to bed. Tomorrow’s my last day of work until next Tuesday. Can’t beat that with a bat. Good night.


8 thoughts on “The Apex of Parenting?

    1. thanks, jeff! yeah, sick kids mess everything up…hope he gets well soon (and that i don’t get whatever he has)

  1. Wow – how do you survive that cute overload on a daily basis?
    Between Leos looks and Rays smile, those Japanese girls had better watch out (;
    Hope Ray’s better now!

    1. thanks for the comment and the compliments, emm…i don’t want to say i get immune to the cuteness, but i’m learning to live with it 🙂 though i have moments of ‘holy shit these kids are cute!’ fairly regularly…

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