We made it to Niigata yesterday with little incident aside from leaving the house around the time I was hoping that we’d have been arriving at Chieko’s parent’s house. I’ve grown accustomed to my scheduling ideals being shattered at this point. What I’m having a harder time with is Ray’s recent devolution into a whiney little puss who’s immediate reaction to any sort of bump in the road is to cry or whine, or most often, both. As he sleeps peacefully and adorably beside me now I feel bad writing that, but I was pulling my hair out all day at his incessent unhappiness.

At my first opportunity I jumped on my bike and road into the mountains to blow off some steam. I’ve taken similar pictures before, but this area is so beautiful, it doesn’t get old.

We’re heading back to Kanazawa on Friday, so another full day here to do…what? There isn’t much to do, especially since the farm is in a lull between harvesting watermlons and rice, plus tomorrow is a national holiday and Chieko’s parents wouldn’t be working anyway. We’ll figure something out, I’m sure.

Here are some pictures.






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