Another day, another bike ride, as that seems a more productive way of passing the hours than starting to drink in the early afternoon. I explored some new and some old areas today, focusing more on taking pictures than on getting a rigorous workout. I took what I thought were quite a few nice pictures but once  I got them uploaded the majority are underwhelming. I’m also using the inlaw’s computer which has a pretty raunchy display, so I can’t really tell what these things look like.





We’re heading back to Kanazawa tomorrow, as I mentioned in my previous post, an I’m quite ready. I usually really like spending time here in Niigata, but this time around I would have rather been spending time in our own place. After a stressful few weeks full of sick kids (and adults) and hot summer weather, I am feeling a bit out of sorts and lounging around here sitting on the floor (there is literally zero furniture in this house) isn’t helping me reclaim my peace of mind. But, it is wonderful to have some extra hands to help out, and of course grandparents and grandchildren are all thrilled to see each other.

Our internet was down for some reason when we left a few days ago and I don’t know if it’ll be working when we get back, so it may be a while before my next post — but I think my dwindling readership is used to infrequency at this point. And hell, two posts in two days, and what, three in a week? Sounds like momentum to me. Hope everyone is doing well, and those of you in Japan are enjoying the Obon holidays. Until next time…


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  1. Doesn’t sound like it was a restful trip. Good that you could get out on the bike and take in the beautiful scenery. The pictures look great btw.

    1. thanks for the comment jeff…it wasn’t the most restful trip but i agree, the bike was a good escape…glad we bought the big minivan that fits a bike along with all the other stuff we have to bring with us 😉

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