More rice and mountains — that’s what I’ve got going on these days. These particular mountains and this particular rice is local; we are back in Kanazawa. I took Ray for a drive this afternoon in hopes of coaxing him to sleep, unsuccessfully, but he didn’t object to my frequent pulling over and jumping out of the car to take pictures.

I also did a little land hunting for the ideal place for Chieko and I to build a house, and while I would be happy living where these pictures were taken it is outside of Chieko’s zone of sanity. She needs more civilization, whereas I’m of the mind that civilization is highly overrated. But I can sympathize for the future of our children, who probably wouldn’t have many other kids to play around with, and god knows where the school is out in those sticks.


Speaking of houses, and our ability to buy/build one, I have been approved for permanent residency. It took just over five months, and I’ll head down to immigration tomorrow with my 8,000 yen revenue stamp, passport picture, and the postcard I received from immigration telling me to bring all of those things, and hopefully I’ll walk out not having to worry about renewing visas ever again. This relates to buying a house in that as a permanent resident I am eligible for a bank loan. Since I’m the only one working at the moment we’ll do the house-buying in my name.


Which leads us to Tuesday, when we are meeting yet again with a real estate dude to go look at plots of land. We still haven’t found anything that falls into the happy medium between Chieko and my expectations/demands, and I’ve done my own poking around in the area where we are going. It’s nice and the plots are larger and cheaper than most we have found, but I still don’t get that ‘We could live here!’ vibe from the place. We’ll see. I’ve amended my expectations pretty substantially over the past year, but I don’t think I can settle on anything we’ve found so far. But I enjoy exploring for property and it’s always a learning experience, so no big rush.


Summer vacation is ostensibly continuing for another few weeks, but I have some work to do so I’ll be heading back to the office towards the middle of this week to start chipping away at it. Over the break our offices have been moved into a fancy new building that has been going up over the past year. I’m excited about that since my former office is kind of old and crappy, but I also need to unpack all the boxes and set everything up before I can start aforementioned chipping away.

Nothing else much going on here. Perhaps my life is actually too boring to maintain a blog? I keep meaning to go to beach and swim — how can it be mid-August and I’ve yet to dip my toes in? Best hurry before the giant jellyfish drift into town, if they aren’t already here. OK then, time to slug a glass of wine and call it a day. Good night.


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  1. Congrats on permanent residency!!

    I think civilization might be overrated when you are young, but the closer you are to doctors/grocery shops when you are older the longer you can live on your own. I think that’s one of the reasons Japanese people live so long, they are active long after they stop driving.

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