Here’s a week-in-review post.

Fast forwarding a bit, I have next week off before classes start up the following week. That’ll be nice, I can get final preparations on my garden for fall/winter crops. I’ve already planted broccoli and hakusai/chinese cabbage, and they are growing nicely. Yesterday I planted two kinds of daikon radish. I just want to plant some red onions and some garlic, and will call it a season. The other thing I have to do next week is go to the driving center for a one-hour lecture in order to get my license renewed. This shits me to no end, and I won’t even bother getting into how stupid it is on all kinds of levels. Suffice to say that I will not enjoy myself.

We’ve had some pretty spectacular sunsets nearly every day this past week, with lots of pretty skies like this.


Yesterday I rode my bike out to the beach. It’s about ten miles, and there’s a nice road that runs along the river. There is little traffic, no stop signs/traffic lights, and it tunnels under every major road that it intersects, so it’s definitely the way to go. It was raining a bit on my way out and it started raining at the beach shortly after I arrived. I hung out under a bridge for a twenty minutes or so until the showers passed.



Some rice which since been harvested. It smells really wonderful around here this time of year — the Japanese equivalent of fresh-cut grass, perhaps.


Leo and his hair — I wish this picture wasn’t blurry.




And Ray, trying to keep the voices at bay.


OK, it’s a beautiful fall day here. Time to get out and wash the car or something. Later…

Having two kids around has made it nearly impossible to get out for the long bike rides I was able to manage when it was just Ray, but today I was able to get out for a few hours. It’s the end of summer here (like everywhere else in the northern hemisphere), and even though the temperatures are very much summer-like, there is obvious change afoot. I forget how great this time of year can be, with plant and animal life still thriving but in a swan-song sort of way. It’s cooling off enough at night to open the windows, but there’s still a chorus of frogs and crickets to lull me to sleep. The mornings are breezy, sunny, cool, and make you forget that you’ve been sweating your ass off for the past two months. No more A/C induced lethargy at the sound of my alarm clock — I can get up and actually do something because it’s not 90 degrees at 7:30 in the morning.

The most obvious sign that fall is here is that the rice has turned golden and there are more rice combines on the roads than cars. The farmers are hard a work and the golden/green paddies are rapidly being turned into brown stubble, so it was a good chance to get out and take some pictures on a beautiful early fall day. I rode about 30 kilometers in the hot sun and felt great at the time, but I’m fading fast here.

So put on your Sting CD and take a look at these pictures.








And one picture of Leo, whose doing this now, barely. He fell over and whacked his head on the closet door while I was fiddling with my camera. His hair reminds me of Edward Scissorhands. I’ll do a post about my kids (for the grandmothers) in the near future…must take more pictures of them.


RE the rest of my life:

Classes haven’t started yet but I’m back at work most days doing things on my own.

I’m sadistically enjoying watching the Red Sox go down in flames, pumped that the Patriots are playing a football game in the middle of the night tonight. I know what I’ll be watching while I work out tomorrow morning (if I don’t get too deep into this wine, at least). I hope the Bruins seasons starts on time. And I don’t really care about the Celtics, sorry. So if you were wondering where I stand on all of Boston’s sports teams, there you go.

We’re still looking around for land/a good used house, but I feel like we’ve tapped out the easy targets around here and none of them are quite what we are looking for. I’ve recently been toying with the idea of buying this place (assuming the owners would sell it) and doing some renovations (or rather paying someone else to do them). No rush on any of that though, and I am putting my faith in the powers of the universe that something amazing and beyond what we could have ever hoped for will come along soon.

Had a productive weekend (started to write ‘weeding’) tearing down the portion of my garden that is no longer producing much (tomatoes and cukes mostly) and prepping the soil for a winter crops. I also dug up all that grass I planted a few summers ago. That was a dumb thing to have done. I never used the grass and I want to convert the yard back into garden space. I chopped it into squares and re-laid it behind the house. I don’t care if it dies or not, but if it lives it will make a nice sitting area outside of the tatami room.

I need to get my oil changed.

Our house is a mess.

Our neighbors are awesome.

I still haven’t been swimming in the ocean this year.

I really wish Ray would start shitting in the toilet.

It’s time for dinner.

Those last two thoughts don’t belong together.

Hope everyone is doing well. Until next time…