Here’s a week-in-review post.

Fast forwarding a bit, I have next week off before classes start up the following week. That’ll be nice, I can get final preparations on my garden for fall/winter crops. I’ve already planted broccoli and hakusai/chinese cabbage, and they are growing nicely. Yesterday I planted two kinds of daikon radish. I just want to plant some red onions and some garlic, and will call it a season. The other thing I have to do next week is go to the driving center for a one-hour lecture in order to get my license renewed. This shits me to no end, and I won’t even bother getting into how stupid it is on all kinds of levels. Suffice to say that I will not enjoy myself.

We’ve had some pretty spectacular sunsets nearly every day this past week, with lots of pretty skies like this.


Yesterday I rode my bike out to the beach. It’s about ten miles, and there’s a nice road that runs along the river. There is little traffic, no stop signs/traffic lights, and it tunnels under every major road that it intersects, so it’s definitely the way to go. It was raining a bit on my way out and it started raining at the beach shortly after I arrived. I hung out under a bridge for a twenty minutes or so until the showers passed.



Some rice which since been harvested. It smells really wonderful around here this time of year — the Japanese equivalent of fresh-cut grass, perhaps.


Leo and his hair — I wish this picture wasn’t blurry.




And Ray, trying to keep the voices at bay.


OK, it’s a beautiful fall day here. Time to get out and wash the car or something. Later…


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