I’ve finally done something worthy of a blog post. My school held its annual festival this past weekend, which meant that we had no classes Friday while students set up all of their food stalls and other attractions, and no classes again today while they cleaned up the mess. It just so happened to coincide with a four-day stretch of the most perfect fall weather you could imagine, and we have enjoyed being out and about over the past few days.

The highlight of the extended weekend came this afternoon when I went paragliding for the first time. Chieko had given me a gift certificate for my birthday, and the paragliding center only runs through November, so time was sort of of-the-essence. It was awesome, albeit short. The wind was not particularly favorable, so we couldn’t find any thermal updrafts to ride. Something I will definitely be trying again in the future.





My neighbors had come to the landing zone in hopes of seeing me soaring around, but arrived a little too late. We all came home and spent the afternoon drinking beer and eating BLTs in the sun. It was a grand time. Here are some pics of Ray and Leo — hard to get Ray to just look at the camera without making some weird face.




Back to work tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing well.


Not a lot of blog action lately, for a variey of reasons, all of them boring. Life is grand, everyone healthy for the moment, lovely fall weather, work going well, typing on an ipad sucks, same old.

Until I have something more substantial to say, and an easier mode of saying it, here are some pictures of my lovely children. (loads more on flickr, mom)

Hope everyone is doing well.