Happy third birthday Ray!


At long last, after a soggy and cold week, the sun came out yesterday. Kanazawa has fallen into its winter weather pattern consisting of lots of clouds and rain. The good news is that soon it will all turn to snow, which is much less depressing to look at than puddles. I took the occasion to go for a short drive up into the mountains, with hopes of seeing a snow-capped Hakusan, but it was a bit obscured by clouds. Nevertheless, it was refreshing to see the sun bouncing around through the forest. Foliage seems to be just past its prime, but there were still some spots of color.




But the real news is that, after all of our searching, Chieko and I have finally settled on a piece of property to build a house on. My dream of living on a sprawling farm out in the countryside has been temporarily shelved. I came around to the reality that we should live in place where the majority of the residents are within two decades of our own age (not likely out in the sticks) and where there are kids for our children to play with (also not likely in the sticks). We found a decent-sized chunk of land (very much relatively speaking here–this is Japan) in a nice neighborhood, and given how much land we’ve looked at over the last couple of years we’ve learned enough to know that it was a pretty good deal. We made an offer last week and it has been accepted. So off to the bank we go tomorrow with our builder (oh yeah, we found one of those, too) to get down to the nitty-gritty about getting a loan.

I’ve started another blog to document our home-building process, so if you’re intrigued by that at all please wander over to the very boringly named Building a House In Japan (title subject to change once I think of something more clever) and follow along. It’ll probably be getting more attention than this blog has had lately.

Ray and Leo are both doing well, as are myself and Chieko. I’ll try to get some pics of the boys up here soon, if for no other reason than to force myself to take some pictures of them.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!