Tired of looking at the picture of Ray blowing out his birthday candles yet?

Here’s a photo dump for the grandmothers who are undoubtedly jonesing for pictures of their adorable grandchildren. But seriously, Leo…so F-ing cute. I’m sure I felt the same way about Ray when he was a baby, but I can’t remember.

Speaking of age, Leo is now 8 months old.


This is what Ray looked like at the same age.


Leo has a lot more hair than Ray did.


But Ray had a lot more teeth than Leo does. Leo is just getting his first tooth now.


Leo started crawling this week, but he’s been standing up and balancing on his own for the last two weeks. It’s all happening for him now.


Ray is holding his own in the cute department. He’s not as pudgy cute as Leo, but he’s cute in other ways. For example, when we’re listening to the radio in the car and he says ‘This music sucks.’


This is a lousy, blurry picture, but I like it. Leo looks full of contempt and Ray looks mental. Pretty much sums it up.


New Year’s break starts at the end of this week, and by luck of the draw/the stupid emperor’s birthday not getting in the way, we also have Christmas off — somewhat of a rarity in Japan. We’ll head to Niigata at some point but that’s all too far in the future now. By the way, if you haven’t been following, I have been updating my other blog chronicling our house-building adventure a lot more regularly than I have this blog. Feel free to check it out and see what we’re up to.

The boys are at the neighbors while Chieko is downstairs teaching their daughter English, but I think the hour is about to expire. So, off I go to enjoy the last few moments of peace and quiet! Good night.