Happy belated 2013 to anyone who happens to be reading this dust-collecting blog! We had a subdued couple of weeks off, spent lounging around our own house and then at my inlaw’s house up in Niigata. It was nice, especially those portions that included having lots of family members to look after my children while I spent my time fattening up on food and beer around the kotatsu.

I started up work again yesterday and have been making efforts to shed whatever flab I accumulated over the break. It was pretty lavish for a few weeks there, but my scale conveniently stopped working right around the time my vacation started so I’m not sure (nor do I really care) what the final damage was.

Goals for 2013: Pass the next level of the Japanese test (N2) and build a house. One of those things excites me much more than the other.

For posterity, here are a few pictures of Leo that I’ve already plastered all over Facebook — so if you’ve already seen them there I apologize. These were taken on New Year’s eve at my inlaw’s house. Adorable, if I may say so. I have lamented the fact that I took a lot more pictures of Ray when he was a baby than I have of Leo, but Leo’s been getting more Internet love via Facebook, so that sort of makes up for it in my mind. Which reminds me of another goal for this new year — take more pretty pictures of stuff other than my kids. Easier said than done, but it’s been a while.



I have another month or so of classes before spring vacation. We’ve nixed our yearly trip home in favor of saving the money to put towards our house, the design of which is coming along nicely. We have another meeting with the builder and the architect coming up this weekend. I chronicle all that action over on the other blog, if you’re interested.

I’m pumped up for the NFL playoffs and even more pumped up that the NHL seems to have gotten its act together, so I’ll have some sports action other than the Celtics to get me through those barren months between the end of football season and the start of baseball.

Profound stuff going on in my brain!

So yeah, happy 2013. I hope it’s a wicked good year for everyone!


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  1. Great photos of Leo. My son is always complaining that his older sister has twice the number of photos than he has. A bit hard to remedy that now!
    I’m really looking forward to watching the progress of your new house. I’m sure there will be frustrations along the way (this is Japan!), but I’m sure in the end it will be fantastic.

    1. thanks jo, we are really enjoying the house-building process so far, granted we haven’t begun negotiating the price and having to sacrifice things we want for the sake of cost yet…i’m sure it will be more challenging once we get started with that…but hopefully working with a smaller company will provide more flexibility…can’t wait or the finished product

  2. Happy New Year to all of you. Love watching your house progress. Much more enjoyable for me when it’s someone else having to make all the decisions and work the process.

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