A Breath of Life

The Soy Bean is dying on the vine here. I remember proclaiming when Ray was born that this would not devolve into a blog about my child. It may not have completely done that, but there was definitely a heavy Ray slant. And then came Leo, and I am confident in blaming him for the lack of activity blog-wise. One kid is easy. Two kids? A different game, especially since kid number two is now moving around and getting into everyone’s business. People with two children know what I’m talking about; people with three+ kids are laughing at me for being stressed about dealing with two kids. This is all the stress I never wanted, so we’re doing our best not to have another kid.

I was led astray a bit by the ease of having just Ray. Simpler times. Two parents, one kid, lots of free time, shit not everywhere. And when Leo was born the status quo held for a bit. But it’s long gone now. Winter didn’t help, being trapped inside for three months watching loop of Curious George and hoping it would snow a little so I could go shovel something.

But there’s a light. The days are longer, warmer, spring is in the air. We still can’t seem to clean worth a damn, but at least we can go outside! Which brings me to the irony of this blog post. Chieko’s mom was so deprived by the lack of action and pictures of her adorable grandchildren that she hopped on a three-hour train to see them in person. And here I am, as she sleeps in the tatami room downstairs, preparing to post some pics of said adorable grandchildren.

I’ve been doing bad job of taking pictures lately. I really need to take more of these two kids, and I need to retap into the creative photography part of my brain and start taking more pictures in general, even though I can’t get out for the long drives and bike rides that I used to take (thanks Leo/winter!). In my mind, pictures were the backbone of this blog before these damn kids screwed everything up, and I’d like to find a way to continue that.

So anyways, here some pictures of my kids, since I didn’t want this to turn into a blog about my kids! They’re friggin cute though.





Here’s a quick roundup of the rest of our lives:

Leo can sort of walk.

Ray can speak English and Japanese so far.

They’re both going to a new daycare from April 1st.

Chieko got a job but I’m not going to talk about it here.

Leo’s cute as shit and I can’t remember what Ray was like at his age.

Ray’s cute as shit but has a way of driving me nuts too.

The main thing going on aside from being driven to the brink of insanity by our children is trying to build a house, which I’ve been talking all about on my other blog. That’s not progressing as quickly as I’d hoped, but maybe I had unrealistic expectations.

I’m re-learning how take things in stride. Or maybe I never knew how to in the first place.

Spring is in the air (love that phrase!), and I have notions of getting out to take some pictures. Hopefully not another two months until I do so! Take care.