Of Gardens and Children

I’ll give you one guess regarding what this post will be about!

But be thankful you’re getting anything on this blog from me! (The other thing I vowed to do, to myself at least, is to not open every infrequent post with a statement about how long it’s been since I last posted.)

Anyway, it’s all been hitting the fan here recently so this will be a quick recap.

So what’s new? I don’t know. Probably nothing but things are very blurry and happening very fast and often frustratingly. But today was a good day. We’ve just kicked off the 4-day weekend known as Golden Week in Japan. It was a long, horribly shitty weather-wise runup to spring, which I guardedly say has begun, maybe, but the sun is shining even if it isn’t that warm. Ray and I had a picnic at our land, which I wrote a big long post about on my other blog if you haven’t read it already.

We then came home and I prepped my garden. As per tradition, if you can call 4 years tradition, I plant my garden over the Golden Week holiday. Then, as per tradition, we get some crazy ass rain and wind that beats half my fledgling crop within an inch of its life or just plain washes it right out of the ground, and I wonder I planted everything so early. I was waiting/hoping/dropping hints for the old farmer dude to bring his tiller over and thrash up my soil for me as he’s done the past four years, and finally he did so last weekend. It promptly rained the next day and packed down all that nice fluffy dirt, but it wasn’t too bad when I went in today to form the beds. I still small plots of garlic and red onions growing from the winter (yeah bad breath!), but I was able to carve out four beds as opposed to the three I had last year. The results (if you haven’t seen them on Facebook, Twitter, or my other blog….WTF??):


I also had the foresight to get in and dig a trench along the far right edge of my garden once I saw the owner of the rice paddy next door getting ready to flood it. Last year, despite is lame attempt at patching the decades-old concrete wall that sort of retains his paddy, it leaked into my garden and turned the entire right side into a muddy, root-rotting mess that never really recovered. When I churned up the soil today it seemed to be as dry as the rest of the garden, so well done Casey! I’m planning on buying and planting a slew of vegetable tomorrow or the next day and getting them planted before the holiday is out.

After getting the garden square away I pried the iPad out of Ray’s claws and took him for a bike ride. I wanted take a picture of his and Leo’s new school, and here you go:


I’d always like the looks of this school — it looks so quaint and picturesque with the mountains in the background and the (yet to be flooded) rice paddies in front. When i came time to choose a new school I jumped on this one. It’s cute and 3 minutes from our house. But we were spoiled by Ray’s previous daycare which was located at my school. They were so accommodating and flexible (is that redundant?), and this place is just a pain in the butt in comparison. The good news is that the boys will only be going there until we move in the fall/early winter.

I’m running out of steam (and wine) here…what else did I want to say?
Ah, the children, of course.
Ray is a lovely boy. Really lovely, and sweet, and kind. And he wakes up and talks non-stop up until about 30 second before he falls asleep at night. That’s sort of been bugging me. But he’s a lovely boy and tells me he loves me about 1,000 times a day, which is nice. Here is in the woods today after our picnic:


And Leo, he’s also adorable and can’t talk yet, which is also kind of nice right now. But he has an ear infection and massive fever, which is good since it makes him sleep a lot but of course it’s not good at all. He’s walking around now and getting into everything. I thought after raising Ray we had adequately addressed things that could be ‘gotten into,’ but here we are with Leo sucking on deodorant and eating 100 yen coins off the floor. So here’s Leo, fresh off a fever dream this afternoon (the hair’s making a comeback):


OK, between this massive outpouring and updating the house blog I’ve done more writing tonight than I have for six months — that feels good. Hope all of you Japaners are enjoying Golden Week and the rest of you have a lovely weekend.


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